Share Jordan's creative journey through his newly-published sketchbooks and art prints.

Best known as the creator of Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner began keeping a personal sketch journal in 2008. His spontaneous pen-and-ink drawings offer an intimate window into the creative process that inspires his video games, books, and films.

Jordan's art is now in print. The first three volumes of his sketch journal, Year 1, 2 and 3 in France , cover three years starting in July 2016, when he moved to France from L.A. for a video game project.

Selected drawings are available in high quality limited-edition, signed and numbered giclée prints.

2 year cover
Lunch moments
More blue pink nudes back
Bordeaux geek

In Jordan's Words: About My Sketch Journal

When I was a kid, I spent as much time as I could drawing... until I got my first Apple II. Old interests got swept aside to make way for my new obsession: making games. Over the next three decades of writing, programming, and other activities, I almost forgot that drawing had once been a primary means of self-expression.

It came back to me in 2008. My artist friend (and collaborator on Templar) Alex Puvilland gave me a Moleskine notebook, black Pigma Micron pen, and no eraser. I started sketching people in the street, at cafés and airports, in live-model workshops. (And on the Prince of Persia movie set. There were camels!)

I found the tactile, no-undo, Zen aspect of pen on paper a soul-refreshing break from screen time. Other than showing my sketchbooks to friends and family, and an occasional snap-post on Instagram, I had no plans to take my hobby public. But over time, it became clear to me there was something about the drawings that others found of interest.

After over a decade and 34 Moleskines filled, I took the leap of sharing my no-longer-private sketch journal as a book. I've worked closely with Gami, a local fine-art printer in Montpellier, on a small print run of the first three volumes, along with limited-edition, signed and numbered giclée prints of selected drawings. When an edition runs out, it won't be reprinted. Books and prints are available in the store.