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Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your comments and questions and try to read them all, even if I don't reply to every one. The best place to post questions and feedback about my work is on my Facebook page, so that I can reply there. I'm also on Twitter and Instagram.

Cartoon self-portrait of Jordan Mechner

For press inquiries, speaking invitations, and website-related issues, please feel free to use the email form below.


Q: What happened to the old blog?

A: Nowadays, I post and share via Twitter and the other social media links above. My past blog posts and comments (from 2008 through 2013) can still be found here.

Q: Will there be a sequel/remake to a POP game/movie? What about a Kickstarter?

A: I wish I could answer these questions. I promise, as soon as I have POP news to share, I'll post about it. In the meantime, the projects section contains the latest links and info about the Ubisoft games, original game, Disney movie, and graphic novels.

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