An epic historical adventure revealing a little-known "black ops" chapter of the American Revolution.

Book 1: The Insurgents

1776: An outnumbered American rebel army defends New York against an overwhelming British naval force. An ocean away, a different kind of rebel, the brilliant French playwright Pierre Caron de Beaumarchais, mounts an incredible secret operation to get desperately needed weapons to the American colonists. A gripping graphic novel by Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, with lavish artwork by Etienne Le Roux and Loïc Chevallier. Complete story in three volumes.

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Delcourt (French) Live Preview

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"This first volume is extremely exciting. The scriptwriter manages to draw you into the adventure from the very first frames. Let's also salute the work of the two illustrators... The rhythm is there, the characters are expressive, and some passages are impressive to behold... I highly recommend this historical graphic novel!"

— Berthold, Sceneario

"The plot of the first volume of Liberty! is well-paced, and the many twists and turns provide keys to understanding the ins and outs of secret diplomacy between American independence fighters and the French in the months leading up to the Declaration of Independence... The dense dialogue is well connected to the action, making the comic a pleasant read that's also highly informative... and makes you eager for the next two volumes!"

— Soraya Belghazi, Le Suricate

In Jordan's Words: The Struggle for Liberty

If you've read my previous graphic novels, Templar or Monte Cristo (or played The Last Express), you know I love stories of adventure and intrigue set against a backdrop of real historical events. From the moment I learned about this 18th-century "black ops" — a little-known and fascinating chapter of the American revolution and of Pierre Caron de Beaumarchais' colorful life, powerfully relevant in light of recent and current events — I knew I had to write it.

The odd-couple pairing of bon vivant Beaumarchais (the author of The Marriage of Figaro, whom Voltaire called the wittiest writer in France) and straitlaced Silas Deane (an American secret agent sent to Paris in a classic fish-out-of-water setup) grabbed my imagination. Deane and Beaumarchais have no statues or streets named in their honor. They're unsung heroes of the American revolution. Yet their contribution was critical.

The purpose that brought them together — an underdog struggle by a new nation against a vastly more powerful and better-equipped empire, who sends a huge army to crush resistance and lay waste to their homes and towns rather than accept their right to self-government — resonated with me as an American, a European, and a child of refugees. A true story about a people fighting back more resolutely and effectively than anyone expected, enduring horrific losses, urban warfare and occupation, while sympathetic but self-interested great powers dispassionately calibrate the degree and timing of support to offer, felt especially worth telling in 2023.

With its cast of compelling characters, sweeping scope that blends the personal and epic, and international action spanning two continents and an ocean, LIBERTY found its dream team in Etienne Le Roux, Loïc Chevallier, and Elvire De Cock. Their spectacular illustrations bring 18th-century France and America vividly to life. If you're a fan of history, graphic novels, or entertaining exploits, I hope you'll discover the world of LIBERTY and share the adventure.

Liberty mobile and desktop wallpapers are available to download for free in the Library.

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