Limited-edition art prints

Jordan’s sketch journal and limited-edition art prints are now available for purchase in the store.

Share Jordan's creative journey through his newly-published sketchbooks and art prints.

Best known as the creator of Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner began keeping a personal sketch journal in 2008. His spontaneous pen-and-ink drawings offer an intimate window into the creative process that inspires his video games, books, and films.

Jordan's art is now in print for the first time in Year 2 in France -- 164 pages of his sketchbook from August 2017 to August 2018, the second year after he moved to France from L.A. for a video game project.

Selected drawings are available in high quality limited-edition, signed and numbered giclée prints.

2 year cover
Lunch moments
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Bordeaux geek

In Jordan's Words: About My Sketch Journal

When I was a kid, I spent as much time as I could drawing... until I got my first Apple II. Old interests got swept aside to make way for my new obsession: making games. Over the next three decades of writing, programming, and other activities, I almost forgot that drawing had once been a primary means of self-expression.

It came back to me in 2008. My artist friend (and collaborator on Templar) Alex Puvilland gave me a Moleskine notebook, black Pigma Micron pen, and no eraser. I started sketching people in the street, at cafés and airports, in live-model workshops. (And on the Prince of Persia movie set. There were camels!)

I found the tactile, no-undo, Zen aspect of pen on paper a soul-refreshing break from screen time. Other than showing my sketchbooks to friends and family, and an occasional snap-post on Instagram, I had no plans to take my hobby public. But over time, it became clear to me there was something about the drawings that others found of interest.

A Book and Art Prints

Today, after over a decade and 34 Moleskines filled, I'm happy to share with you a year of my no-longer-private sketch journal. It's a little book entitled Year 2 in France -- 164 pages drawn between August 2017 and August 2018, the second year after I moved to France from L.A. (There's some New York, London, and other locations too.) I hope it captures the atmosphere of that year, and of those places.

I've worked closely with Gami, a local fine-art printer here in Montpellier, on a small print run of the book. We've also done limited-edition, signed and numbered giclée prints of selected drawings. When an edition runs out, it won't be reprinted. Prints are available in the store.